How to make Bibimbap?

I am a really lazy person, so I can follow long and complicated recipes.
So here I am. I am writing this for you who are like me. 🙂

0. Make rice. 밥을 해요.
1. Blanch spinach and bean sprouts. (Spinach for 30 sec, bean sprouts for 1min) 시금치와 숙주를 데쳐요. (시금치는 30초, 숙주는 1분)
2. Slice carrots. 당근은 채 썰어요.
3. Fry ground beef with Bulgogi sauce and put carrots into a pan. 다진 소고기를 불고기 양념과 함께 볶은 다음에 당근을 넣어요.
4. Put all of them in a big bowl and mix them with a spoon of Gochujang. 큰 대접에 모두 담고 고추장 한 숟갈을 넣어요.
5. Sesame oil and sesame seeds are important!!!! 참기름과 깨는 정말 중요해요!!!
6. Ah, i forgot about a fried egg. 앗, 계란 부치는 거 까먹었어요! ㅠ.ㅠ

** If you want to make it crispy, fry it up again with some vegetable oil. (I don’t have Dol-sott!!!!) 바삭하게 먹고 싶으면 식용유에 다시 한번 볶으세요.


맛있게 드세요!! Enjoy your meal!!

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