[Song] 안녕하세요 – 삐삐밴드 / Hello! – BBi BBi Band

안녕하세요? – 삐삐밴드  Hello! – BBi BBi Band

식사하셨어요?  Did you eat?  (식사하다 : to have meal, -(으)셨어요: an honorific from for past tense)
별일 없으시죠?  How are you?(별일 없다 : nothing happen)

괜찮으세요? Are you okay? (괜찮다: be okay, be great, -(으)세요 : an honorific form for present tense)
수고가 많아요.  Thanks for your work. (수고: hard work)

우리 강아지는 멍멍멍 My dog says woof woof woof (강아지 : puppy, dog )
옆집 강아지도 멍멍멍 My neighbor’s dog also says woof woof woof
안녕하세요? 오오 잘 가세요. 오오 Hello!   Oh Oh,  Good bye, Oh Oh

좋은 꾸세요. Sweet dreams! (좋다: be good / -(으)ㄴ: a modifier for adjectives / 꿈을 꾸다: to have dream)
좋은 아침이죠.  Good morning!
내일 또 봅시다. See you tomorrow!
동방예의지국  The country of politeness in Eastern
지금 사람들은 1995년. Modern people, 1995
옛날 사람들은 1945년  Old people,  1945
안녕하세요? 오오 잘 가세요. 오오  Hello! Oh Oh Good bye Oh Oh

The lyrics above use a polite/friendly verb ending which is -요, so you can use this to people who are older than you. On the other hand, the following lyrics use a casual verb ending which we use to friends(the same age) or younger people. 
좋은 꾸었니? Did you have good dreams?
좋은 아침이야. Good morning!
내일 또 보자. See you tomorrow.
니가 보고 싶어. I miss you. (보고 싶다 : miss, want to see)
나는 누군가가 정말 필요해.  I really need someone. (필요하다 : need)
내일 우리 같이 여행을 떠나볼까?  How about going a trip together tomorrow? (같이[가치]: together / 여행 : travel, trip)
안녕하세요? 오오 잘 가세요. 오오 (4 times) Hello! Oh Oh Good bye Oh Oh
안녕.  Hello (Good bye!)

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