[Culture] 부대찌개 – Army stew, troops stew

부대찌개 - Army stew
부대찌개 – Army stew

부대 means ‘army’ or ‘troops’ and 찌개 is ‘stew’.  Koreans love 부대찌개 especially when they drink Soju.  It is normally served in a big pot, so 3 or 4 people can share. Do you know why it is called ‘army stew’?

During the Korean war, there was not enough food to eat, so a lot of people died by hunger. So Koreans collected some food such as spam, can beans or sausage that is left-over from the U.S troops and put them all together in a big pot. 부대찌개 has sad history, however this is one of Koreans’ favorite food!

In 부대찌개, there are Kimchi(김치 Seoul Kimchi), spam(스팸), sausage(소시지), noodles(라면), can beans(콩), bean sprouts(콩나물), tofu(두부) and onions(양파).  You can put them in a pot and pour broth or water with Red pepper powder(고추가루), yellow bean sauce(된장), soy sauce(간장) and garlic(마늘).

You can add a slice of cheese(치즈) at the end, it is more delicious!!! I am going to make it tonight, do you want to join with me?

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