Hangeul 4 – Consonants (Less air and relax)

Hangeul 4 – The First set of Korean Consonants

There are three consonant sets in Korean that depends on how to make a sound.

The first set has five sounds, which are very relaxing and small amount of air.  You should be careful with the amount of air because there are another set for aspirated sounds.  These are the first set of consonants.

5) ㄱ ‘g’: between ‘g’ and ‘k’ sound

6) ㄷ ‘d’: between ‘d’ and ‘t’ sound

7) ㅂ ‘b’: between ‘b’ and ‘p’ sound

8) ㅅ’s’ : very soft ‘s’ sound like smart, smile

9) ㅈ ‘j’ : between ‘j’ and ‘ch’ sound

Vocabulary flash cards for ‘ㄱ’ ‘ㄷ’ ‘ㅂ’ ‘ㅅ’ ‘ㅈ’ -> http://quizlet.com/28340157/hangul2-consonants-flash-cards/

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