Hangeul 1 – Single Vowels

Korean Characters

Hangeul 1- 8 Single Vowels 

There are 40 characters in Korean, which are 21 vowels and 19 consonants.  The vowels can be divided to the single vowels and the double vowels.  There are 8 single vowels and 13 double vowels.

We are going to learn the single vowels in this page.

* Single vowels

1) ㅏ  ‘a’ as in ‘father’, ‘spa’

2) ㅓ ‘awe’ as in ‘awesome’ and ‘au’ as in ‘August’

3) ㅗ ‘o’ as in ‘ghost’, ‘sofa’, however you shouldn’t move your mouth shape. 

4) ㅜ ‘oo’ as in ‘zoo’, ‘too’. You should make your lips as a round shape. 

5) ㅡ There is no pronunciation in English that is similar to this, however you can think of an extremely freezing day, you can make this sound 🙂

6) ㅣ’e’ as in ‘me’, ‘see’

7-8) ㅔ/ㅐ ‘에’ is similar to ‘e’ as in ‘set, bed’ and ‘애’ is similar to ‘a’ as in ‘dad’, ‘bat’. But many Koreans don’t recognize the difference.

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