[Expression] 오죽하겠어요.


is one of very weird adjectives. It means ‘something is very serious’, but you have to guess the meaning from the context. Let’s look at the dialogue and samples below.


Situation: After A and B heard the news that Minsu got injured his legs.

A: 민수 씨 소식 들었어요?
Have you heard about Minsu?

B: 네, 운동하다가 다리를 크게 다쳤다면서요?
Yes, he got hurt his back when he was exercising.

A: 네, 그래서 지금 병원에 있대요. 최소 한 달은 병원에 있어야 한대요.
Yes, he is in the hospital. He has to stay there for at least one month.

B: 여자 친구가 참 많이 놀랐겠네요.
His girl friend should be very shocked.

A: 그러게요. 저도 많이 놀랐는데 여자 친구는 오죽하겠어요.
You are right. I was very surprised, his girl friend must be surprised.

B: 회사 끝나고 민수 씨 보러 병원에 가려고 하는데 같이 갈래요?
After work, I will go to the hospital to see him. Do you want to go with me?

A: 저는 오늘은 약속이 있어서 내일 가 보려고요. 민수 씨한테 제가 내일 간다고 전해 주세요.
I have a plan today, so I am going there tomorrow. Please tell him I will come tomorrow.

B: 네.
I will



오죽하다  :  very (usually bad situation), It is often used with -(으)면 or -(으)ㄹ까?.

아이가 저렇게 아픈데 어머니 마음이 오죽할까?  The kid is that sick, the mom must be so heart-breaking. (we can guess the meaning from 마음(heart))

오죽하면 도둑질을 했겠어요?  He must be in a very bad situation because he stole someone else’s. (we can guess the meaning from 도둑질(stealing))



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