What is ㅋㅋ or ㅎㅎ? 

What is ㅋㅋ in Korean?

It is a chatting word which means “laugh” or “funny”. One of the laughing sounds in Korean is 크크, so we just write that without vowels. There is also ㅎㅎ, which is 하하.

So if you see something funny, you can leave ㅋㅋ or ㅎㅎ.

2 thoughts on “What is ㅋㅋ or ㅎㅎ? 

  1. um… Hi, I’m Korean. I have been reading(?) this. ㅋㅋ mean 큭큭. It means fuuny. ㅎㅎ means um……하하. But it also means 흑흑. 흑흑 means sad.
    Thank you!!

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