[Vocabulary] 어쨌든 anyhow


is short form for 어찌하다(how) +였든(지)(whatever), it means ‘anyhow’, ‘anyhow’ or ‘whatever’ which is used to change a topic. For example,

어쨌든 집에 들어와서 다행이네요.   Anyhow, it is good because he came back home.

어쨌든 정말 부러워요. Anyway, I am so envious of you.

어쨌든 일은 끝내야지요.  Anyway, we should finish the work.

어쨌든 투표는 꼭 해야 한다고 생각합니다. Anyhow, I think we should vote.

어쨌든 이미 벌어진 일이니까 빨리 해결책을 찾아 봐요.  Anyhow, it has already happened, let’s find a solution.


There are similar expressions like 어쨌든 간에, 어찌됐든(지), 어찌됐든지 간에, 아무튼, 어쨌거나, 어찌됐거나, 하여간, 어떻든, 하여튼(지) or 좌우(지)간.

You can listen to the audio file by clicking here. 

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