Do Koreans eat dogs?

Today I want to talk about if Koreans eat dog meat because I have been asked this question a lot foreign friends. It is a sensitive topic, but I want you to tell the truth.

In the past, Korea was very poor, so a lot of people died from hunger. Dog meat was the easiest and cheapest meat that we could get, so many people ate dog meat. However recently we can get beef and pork very easily, so less people eat dog meat. In addition, more Koreans have pets now, so they consider dogs as their family not food.

But there are some people-mostly old people- still like dog meat. They think it is delicious and good for health. Therefore they eat dog meat or soup on Bok-nal(the hottest day).




5 thoughts on “Do Koreans eat dogs?

  1. Why is it a sensitive topic if old Korean people still consume dog meat? Do Korean people themselves think it’s shameful or is it the rest of the world who think it’s shameful? I am an Indonesian, when I was a child I had a Korean male neighbor who roasted something which smelled really nasty and people told me it was dog meat. He was not that old and he lived with a young Indonesian woman who -according to what people told me- was a prostitute. I digress… but there are certain parts of my country, Indonesia, where non-Muslim people do eat dog meat, they themselves don’t think it’s sensitive or anything. Other people who don’t consume dog meat think it’s disgusting, though. Peace.☺

    1. IT is a sensitive issue even in Korea because more people consider dogs as a pet, not food.
      I don’t think it is bad or good because different culture has different ideas.
      I wrote this post because some media focuses on “Koreans eat dogs.” like a general statement.

    2. I totally agree with you. We should leave this issue as an individual choice. I just wanted to explain the current situation because I have been asked about this question a lot from other people.

  2. As long as an animal is treated humanely… it is no different to me if you are eating a pig or a dog. Pigs are very smart. Pigs are becoming house pets. But we still eat them 🙂 If your culture eats dogs or crickets or pigs or whatever (we, meaning Americans, also, though less commonly, eat things like grasshoppers, and horse meat!), I have no problem with it 🙂 People are too worried about what another person eats and less worried about the livelihood of the person consuming it. Actually, I would love to try dog! 😉 As long as it has been humanely raised and humanely killed. Yet, how many of our cows and pigs have been humanely raised and killed? *sigh*

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