-게 되다

verb+게 되다

Verb+게 되다 means ‘become’ or ‘turned out’, the nuance is the circumstance is changed but it is not your intention. And please remember it is only with verbs, not adjectives. If you have not learned ‘adjective change : adj+아/어/해지다”, you can click here and learn more.

이번 달 말에 이사를 가게 됐어요. I happened to move at the end of this month.
이 영화 때문에 영어를 좋아하게 됐어요. I fell in love with (happened to like) English because of this movie.
졸업앨범을 보고 그 사람이 제 옛날 친구인 것을 알게 됐어요. I saw a year book and I found out she was an old friend of mine.
다음 달부터 ㅇㅇ회사에서 일하게 됐어요. (It turned out) I will be working at OO company starting next month.
교통 사고로 크게 다쳐서 수술을 하게 됐어요. I got seriously injured in a car accident, I happened to have surgery.
이 일을 꼭 하고 싶다는 생각을 하게 됐어요. I happened to think I really want this job.
이번에 학교에서 달리기 대표로 나가게 됐어요. It turned out I am going to the competition as the track and field leader at school.
버스가 안 와서 지하철을 타게 됐어요. Because the bus didn’t come, (It turned out) I had to take subway.

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