[Grammar] -(으)ㄴ/는 것 a noun clause

-(으)ㄴ/는 + is attached to an adjective/a verb, make it a noun clause, it can be translated as ‘verb-ing’ or ‘the thing/event that’ in English.

adjective + (으)ㄴ 것
verb + 는 것

요리하는 것이(것이=게=거) 어려워요.  Cooking is difficult.
고양이를 키우는 것이 힘들지 않아요.  Having a cat is not that hard.
아이들하고 노는 것이 재미있어요. Playing with kids is fun. (놀다 + 는 것 : ㄹ drop)
음식 만드는 것은(=것은=건=거) 재미없어요. Making food is not fun. (만들다 +는 것 : ㄹ drop)
아침에 꽃에 물을 주는 것이 좋아요. Watering flowers in the morning is good.
약을 먹는 것이 싫어요. I don’t like taking medicine.
기타 치는 것을(것을=걸=거) 좋아해요. I like playing guitar.
공원에 가는 것을 안 좋아해요. I do not like going to the park.
아이들이 수영하는 것을 보고 있어요. I am watching kids swimming.
동생이 숙제하는 것을 도와 줄 거예요.  I will help my sister to do homework.
친구가 웃는 것을 보고 싶어요. I want to see my friend smiling.
매운 거 안 좋아해요. I don’t like spicy stuff.
맛있는 거 줄까요? Would you like to have something that is delicious?
오늘은 바쁜데 내일 만나는 거 어때요? How about meeting tomorrow, I am pretty busy today.
혹시 안 먹는 거 있어요? By any chance, do you have something that you don’t like to eat?
저는 노래 듣는 거 좋아해요. I like listening to music.

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Past tense
verb + (으)ㄴ 것

어제 동생한테 준 것이 뭐예요? What is the thing that you gave your younger sibling yesterday?
친구한테 말한 것이 후회돼요. I regret the thing that I told my friend.
지난 주에 공부한 것을 잊어버렸어요. I forgot the thing that I studied last week.
아까 종이에 쓴 것이 이름이에요? The thing that you wrote on the paper a moment ago, is it a name?

Future tense
verb+(으)ㄹ 것

내일 공부할 것이 뭐예요? What is the thing that we will study tomorrow?
집에 먹을 것이 하나도 없네요. There is nothing to eat.

것이 can be shortened as , and 것을 can be shortened as , and 것은 can be shorten as . Furthermore, 이 and 을 are often dropped in real conversations, so you will hear just 거.

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