[Grammar] Adjective+아/어/해지다 to become

Adjective + 아/어/해지다 means ‘become adjective’ which expresses change. For example,

작다 (to be small) + 아지다 => 작아지다  means ‘become small or get smaller’
크다 (to be big) + 어지다  => 커지다  means ‘become big or get bigger’ (ㅡ vowel dropped)
따뜻하다 (to be warm) + 해지다 => 따뜻해지다 means ‘become warm or get warmer’

If you use -아/어/해지다 with verbs, it means ‘passive voice’. (Click here to passive voice)

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살이 쪄서 옷이 작아졌어요. Because I gain weight, the clothes have become small.
날씨가 많이 추워졌지요? The weather has become cold, hasn’t it?
아침에는 흐렸는데 지금은 날씨가 좋아졌어요. It was cloudy this morning, it became better.
매일 운동하면 건강해질 거예요. If you exercise every day, you will become healthy.
일을 시작한 다음에 정말 바빠졌어요. After I started working, I have become so busy.
봄이 되면 날씨가 따뜻해져요. When Spring comes, the weather gets warm.
가을이 되니까 날이 일찍 어두워지네요. Because Fall came, days get dark early.
옆집이 갑자기 조용해진 걸 보니까 이사를 갔나 봐요. The next door has suddenly become quiet, they might have moved out.
전화를 너무 오래했더니 핸드폰이 뜨거워졌어요. I used the phone for too long, the cell phone became so hot.
청소를 하고 나니까 방이 훨씬 깨끗해졌어요. After I cleaned, the room became much cleaner.

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