[Hangeul] Pronunciation changes 1

의 : [의], [이], [에]


‘의’ is very tricky one.

(1) [의] – When ‘의’ is in the first letter, we read this as the original sound [의].
e.g) 의사, 의자

(2) [이] – When it takes place at the second letter, we read this as [이].
e,g) 회의, 주의

(3) [에] – When it means ‘of’ in English which takes place between two nouns, we read this as [에].         e.g) 선생님의 딸[선생님에 딸 -> 선생니메 딸], 컵의 모양[컵에 모양 -> 커베 모양


You can listen to the pronunciation here.