[Expression] Travel 여행

When you go to Korea, you need to say these a lot! Practice a lot before you go to Korea!

And if you have a question, reply to this post.

Excuse me.
저는 한국말을 몰라요.
I don’t speak Korean.
영어할 줄 알아요?
Do you speak English?
여기 어떻게 가요?
How do I get this place?
공항에 어떻게 가요?
How do I get to the airport?
화장실이 어디에 있어요?
Where is the bathroom?
다시 한번 말해 주세요.
Can you repeat one more time?
천천히 말해 주세요.
Can you speak slowly?
How much is it?
이거 주세요.
I will take this. Please give me this.
여기 있어요.
 Here it is.
어디에 가세요?
Where are you going?
공항에 가요.
I am going to the airport
도와 주세요.
Please help me.
알려 주세요.
Please tell me. Please let me know.

You can listen to the pronunciation here.

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